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For more than 80 years, Cameron Termite and Pest Control has been serving the needs of St.Petersburg and the surrounding areas.  First established in 1931 by a Gulfport resident, Chester Cameron, the business has grown from a small company doing subterranean termite treatment for a small community into a fully licensed family owned and operated business, meeting all the Bay Area termite and pest control needs.

The owner, “Rick” Rickerson, purchased the company in 1973 and began expanding services to include pre-construction preventative soil treatment, eradication of all types of termites, inspections for wood destroying organisms prior to sale of real estate, and pest and rodent control.  Now that bed bugs are rapidly becoming a major problem in the US, Cameron is again expanding and specializing in this service as well.

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If you feel you are experiencing problems with either termites or household pests, please contact us today for a free estimate for all your pest control needs.  It often takes an experienced professional to design a program relative to your specific problems and needs.

Our licensed and fully trained technicians will make a free service call to evaluate your problems and offer a cost effective solution.  Call @ 727 577-0789 Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30 PM


Cameron Termite specializes in providing prompt and accurate Wood Destroying Inspection Reports for real estate transactions.   Wood destroying organisms include termites, powder- post beetles, old house-borers and wood decaying fungi.

We offer a one year limited warranty on all Termite Inspection Letters stating that in the event wood destroying organisms are found within one year from the date of the inspection, the property will be treated at no charge.

 Realtor -Friendly Inspections.

Cameron has Supra lockbox access.  Realtors, mortgage companies and title companies please complete and E mail the form below to request a real estate inspection.  We will work very closely with you to complete the inspection as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.


Cameron is state certified in structural termite control and offers several types of termite elimination depending on your specific needs.  These include tent fumigation for dry wood termites, and the use of Termidor, a liquid treatment for elimination of subterranean termite colonies.  We also offer a termite baiting system for colony elimination of subterranean termites.  Our inspection team is well trained to locate and recommend the type of treatment that is best for your property.  If termites should return following our treatment, we will re-treat at no charge for as long as your agreement is renewed.


For wildlife removal click here: Wildlife Removal

For Mosquito Control in Pinellas county: Mosquito Control or Call 727 464-7503

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